Teddy Socks

ggorangnae company socks teddy

Adorable print - check. Super high quality construction - check. Trendy crew length - also check! Our Teddy Socks, which come in three colors, Cream, Navy and Black, check all the boxes when it comes to being the perfect sock. 

Teddy Socks All three colors

Made by sock experts ggorangnae company in Korea, these socks are super stylish and well-made. A combination of combed cotton, spandex, polyester and polyurethane blend to make a smooth, comfortable and stretchy sock that feels as great as it looks. 

Not only do they nail an amazing sock silhouette, but their attention to detail is impeccable.  Check out the heart the bear is holding on certain parts of the sock - adorable! 

We're huge fans of this company, check out their Insta  to see more of their amazing, super elevated sock style. 

At Peachy Socks we strive to bring you only the highest quality, cutest sock fashions and with this sock in our stable we feel that much prouder of the selection we provide. 

As ggorangnae's tagline states, "enjoy the socks style"! 


Peachy Socks 

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