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This week we are featuring @skatewithjenn, a student in Canada whose style and sunny personality we love! 

Jenn Roller Skate Cafe

How long have you been roller skating? What got you into it?
I’ve been officially roller skating since May 2021! My best friend started roller skating and was the one who got me into it. It reminded me how much I loved skating when I was younger 🥺

What do you do outside of rollerskating?
I enjoy bouldering! I recently started bouldering a couple months ago and have been going at least 3x a week now. I also love going to music festivals!

Where do you get your style?
I get my style from places like Fashion Nova, SHEIN, or Windsor!

Jenn Rollerskating

How do you stay inspired?
I stay inspired by watching videos of people who are better skaters than me! I also enjoy meeting people who push and teach me to do better!

What's your favorite music to skate to?
My favorite music to skate to anything upbeat! My favorite at the moment has been songs by Doja Cat or Bruno Mars 😍

Where did you grow up and what were you like as a kid?
I grew up in sunny Southern California! As a kid, I would wrestle with my brothers and ride bikes around the restaurant that my parents used to own! I was very adventurous (still am) but I was also very shy as a kid. I eventually opened up and became the introverted extrovert I am today lol

What's up next for you? Any projects or skating goals etc.?
For skating, I want to start teaching classes! I know how hard it is to start for some people, and I want to help turn skating into a hobby that they love. 😍 As for the future, I plan to open up a preschool one day! I am a child development major and I aspire to be someone who can make a difference in a child’s life.

Jenn Oh Heart Socks

Jenn's Peachy Socks Picks:

We hope you enjoyed our chat with Jenn! Follow her on Insta for super cute skating videos, @skatewithjenn

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