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This is our first post in what will be a series for featuring influencers we love! Today we talk to @natashalouisez  who is a UK-based actor, avid rollerskater and vegan pet miniature maker. 

Natasha Retro Outfit

Tell us about your acting career, when did you start, what you do, etc. 

I've been doing acting since around 2013, mainly organising theatre plays myself, and also doing clowning performances. I Iove integrating roller skating with my performances as it provides so much value visually. My next project is online sketches in which I also want to join roller skating and clowning, and explore it comically.

How did you get into roller skating? 

I got into rollerskating at a xmas roller disco event in 2017 and haven't stopped since.

You have such a cute style, what are your fashion influences?

I love anything vintage, from the 50s, 70s, 80s and 90s! I also love some goth and indie elements, as well as sporty & preppy. So it's very mixed! I usually just throw whatever I have together and see if it works 😂.

Where did you grow up? What were you like as a kid? 

I was born in the UK and grew up in Brazil. I've always been very playful but also had to learn to be responsible quite early on. So I think that's why I retained a child-like side as an adult!

What other hobbies and hustles do you have?

I love mindful practices like yoga and meditation and I also love anything creative! I have a little side business making little pet miniatures @bamboozlesneedlefelts

Bamboozle Needle Felt Example

 What's your dream job?

My dream job would be to be paid to rollerskate! Who knows, one day!

What do you love about rollerskating?

What I love about rollerskating is the community, the aesthetic and how it's such a fun way of exercising! For me nothing beats the feeling of roller skating on a smooth path on a sunny day, wind blowing on your hair and listening to music. It makes me feel so light and carefree! I'm so glad there's been a rollerskating boom recently. I think it came from a collective feeling of nostalgia and need for fun and lightness! I hope the trend lasts!

Natasha Skating

Natasha's Peachy Socks Picks:

We hope you enjoyed our chat with the amazing, gorgeous Natasha! Follow her on Instagram and Tik Tok for awesome roller skate videos and great outfits. Also check out her adorable pet miniature Etsy page. She's also been featured before on our blog, view her previous post to see a super cute Tik Tok video featuring our Tulle Top Thigh High Fishnets in Black. 


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