C-Thru Socks | Black/White
C-Thru Socks | Rainbow/White
C-Thru Socks | Black/White Flat Laying
C-Thru Socks | Rainbow/White Flat Laying
C-Thru Socks | Black/White Side View
C-Thru Socks | Rainbow/White Side View
C-Thru Socks | Black/White in heels
C-Thru Socks | Rainbow/White in heels
C-Thru Socks | Black/White in sneakers
C-Thru Socks | Black/White in sneakers second pic.
C-Thru Socks | Rainbow/White in sneakers
C-Thru Socks | Rainbow/White in sneakers second pic.
Peachy Socks

C-Thru Socks

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Nylon, see-through socks with striped ankle cuffs in Black/White or Rainbow. Perfect for adding new style to a pair of basic sneakers or heels. Fancy look with everyday wearability thanks to sturdy, high-quality nylon material that's both comfortable and durable. Soft, flexible cuff stays put to show off striped design. Easy to get on and off without causing a run. 

  • Material: Nylon
  • Colors: Black/White Stripe, Rainbow/White
  • Size: One Size
  • Care: Washes like new in regular cycle, dry in separate delicates laundry bag. To air dry lay flat or hang - dries quickly. 
  • Price: $13.99